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We make tools to Accelerate and Simplify modern game dev, used by authors and artists of all types.

(…and one day, we’ll have time to make games of our own, too!)

ProBuilder: Build & Edit Geometry Inside Unity – Now with Free version!

Powerful, intuitive 3D tools enable you to build and edit geometry, directly within the editor itself- no external programs or methods required, and zero creative barriers. ProBuilder is rated 5 stars on the Unity Asset Store, with over 400 reviews, and proudly used in high-profile games such as Republique, SUPERHOT, and Tinertia.

ProGrids: True Grids and Snapping For Unity

Grids and snapping are standard features in other game engines, and ProGrids brings these fundamental, essential tools to Unity. By giving you both a visual and functional grid, which snaps on all 3 axis, ProGrids enables speed, precision, and quality in your level’s construction.

ProGroups: Quickly Hide, Freeze, and Select Groups of Objects in Unity

Organize objects in your scene into “selection sets”, without modifying the objects or hierarchy at all. Then, use the extremely intuitive and simple interface to quickly show or hide, freeze or unfreeze, and select entire groups at once.

QuickDecals: Easily Add Posters, Splatters, Grunge, and Other Details

Nothing in real life stays clean or perfect- not for long, anyway! “Decals” are a great way to add visual detail, breakup tiling textures, and tell a story in your scene, with very little performance cost. Examples: Dirt, Grunge, Splatters, Posters, Damage and Wear, Burns, Bullet Holes, etc.

QuickBrush: “Paint” Detail Meshes Directly Onto Other Meshes

Prefab placement tool that combines the speed and convenience of a “Photoshop-style” brush tool with several useful fine-tuning, masking, grouping and randomization features to make decorating your levels a snap and save you lots of time.

QuickEdit: Edit Meshes Right in Unity

Edit nearly any mesh right within Unity! This can greatly improve your workflow by allowing instant fixes, testing, and changes to meshes. Best of all, QuickEdit supports full Instancing and Copy methods!

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